Änderwerk is a host for social change projects of all kinds. We allow initiatives and groups to concentrate on what they do best – effective community-led action, aligned with their values and goals. We take care of fiscal hosting, managing donations, grants and budgets, accounting and the transformation of financial resources into useful tools, ranging from equipment and expertise to proper employment, social security and healthcare.
Änderwerk serves as a hub for exchange among social change projects, supports collaboration and the creation of new initiatives. We provide a space to thrive, host intersectional initiatives and continuously address the needs that arise across all hosted projects, to make sure that any resource added to the network will benefit the entire community.


Social and systemic change is immensely needed across all issue areas, but the field lacks critical infrastructure. Initiatives for social change as well as grassroots communities working on systemic solutions want to concentrate on their core work and goals, but as soon as they need to receive and use financial resources, they mostly have to create their own legal entities and figure out the same questions and legal challenges that hundreds have faced before them.
Summed up across the sector, the amount of work and time going into this individualized administrative and organizational burden is staggering. Being activists and organisers ourselves, we wanted to create a home for social change projects where all this is taken care of, so we have more space and energy to concentrate on making this world a better place.


We are activists, organisers and well connected with social change projects across Germany and Europe as well as with funders and philanthropic networks. We provide project hosting and organizational development support where needed and in all this, projects and initiatives can remain independent in their decision making and work culture. For donors or funders, Änderwerk allows for grants and tax-deductible donations, provides reliable financial reporting and a trusted host for potential new initiatives.
Wherever you are active in social change: we believe we can provide meaningful connections, engagement and exchange in the wide community of people and movements working for a better world. We can support each other and we can achieve more together.

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